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Specialists in mounted camera systems.

Rig cameras to everything and anything required, people, vehicles, aircraft, etc.


Minicams & Specialist Cameras

The majority of our work involves rigging "minicams", traditionally small cameras usually designed specifically for environments that would not allow a larger camera system. Nowadays “big” cameras are getting smaller, so the historic issues of having to compromise on quality are far less of an issue. We use everything from GoPro's to RED and Arri cinema cameras, plus everything in-between, depending on the requirements for the job.

Hostile Enviroments

Our teams have worked in some of the most difficult and unforgiving environments on the planet, deserts, jungles, arctic wastelands, volcanic islands, shark infested waters, practically anywhere you can imagine and some places people never knew existed. We do this because in many cases we are the only team that are able to get the job done, no matter the challenges.

Engineering & Problem Solving

We have a very strong background in engineering and a huge combined experience in solving problems, in most cases before they actually arise.  Mitigation of all kinds of issues and potential problems is what sets us apart from the competition. Custom camera controllers, power management systems, super long duration media options are just some examples. It really is ALL about getting the job done.

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